The Myth of Virginity and Importance of “PURITY” and “why do you think that is”

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

The Myth of Virginity and Importance of “PURITY” and “why do you think that is”dee tired

I recently saw an article about a young woman who presented HER FATHER with proof of VIRGINITY at her wedding.

I love a fairytale wedding and i love a close father daughter relationship. I had a very close and very intellectual relationship with my father. who would always ask me…”why do you think that is?”


1. a woman was her father’s property and then her husbands
a. taking your husbands names at marriage
b. the question at the wedding ceremony – “who gives this woman to be married?”

2. marriage was a business transaction that the woman had no input in.

3. female virginity insured that a mans first child was his prior to DNA tests
a. the first born son inherited the estate of his father
b. the first born daughter was offered…

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